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The electronic complaint/denunciation reporting that is available on this site aims to be a facilitating means of communication of illicit facts that substantiate discriminatory practice(s) motivated by skin color, nationality or ethnic origin factors, to the CICDR (Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination), the Portuguese body that is responsible for monitoring the implementation of national legislation to fight racism and racial discrimination.

In working out the complaint/denunciation you must be aware of the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *.

Please fil out the remaining fields in a full, clear and reasoned manner, providing detailed information about the facts that you want to report, namely the origin of the complaint and any other relevant information.

In the case of a public misdemeanor procedure will be followed under investigation culminating with the respective decision. Convictions will be published on the available page (insert link for direct access to the page that is intended to decisions).

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

1. Your Personal Information

(Enter the date in the format mm/dd/yyyy)

Identification Document

In what capacity are you making this report?

2. Location where the discriminatory acts took place

Select the district/archipelagos and municipality where the facts you wish to report took place.

3. Subject of Complaint

Please select the option(s) (reason/grounds) at the origin of the differential treatment.

4. Description of the discriminatory acts
5. Date of the discriminatory acts

If you have selected YES please indicate the period in which they occurred:

6. Damages
7. Witnesses

If so please indicate the number of people present:

Please enter the personal information of each witness (name, email, address, and other relevant data).

To enter the personal information of each witness use a single text box. To add more boxes click the "+" button. To remove use the "-" button.

8. Identification of the Author or accused person

Select the number of aggressors/perpetrators of the discriminatory practices.

If you knew them, please enter their respective contact details (name, address, nationality, email, gender, telephone/mobile number, date of birth and other relevant information).

To enter the personal information of each aggressor use a single text box. To add more boxes click the "+" button. To remove use the "-" button.

(*)The collected data are automatically processed for the purpose of managing the complaint process by CICDR, working along with ACM, PI, guaranteeing its strict confidentiality. Under the applicable law, it is ensured that the information herein entered will only be used for the purposes directly related to the complaints, respecting the right to data protection.

The data holder has the right of access and rectification, and should contact CICDR for that purpose.

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